Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session and how often will we work together?

Each session can last between 30 and 53 minutes. Weekly sessions are recommended to allow opportunities for motivation, empowerment , and support towards your identified goals. Session frequency can be determined based on need and availability.

What Should I Expect In A Session?

Expect to be welcomed to a safe space where you can vent, process, and work towards making positive changes in your life. Our first session will afford me the opportunity to get to know you and we will also be able to determine whether our relationship is a good fit. We will begin setting goals together and discuss ways to reach these goals. Exercises may be recommended at time to help increase confidence in your ability to excel and reach goals outside of our sessions.

Can I Just Take Medication Instead Of Therapy?

In some cases, a combination of medication and therapy can be really beneficial. I recommend a team approach, working with your MD to decide the best course of action. Mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns, however, are typically not resolved with medication alone. Trauma is not erased by medication. This is where therapy can be useful. As opposed to treating the symptom, therapy addresses the roots of our behaviors and the patterns that shape our thoughts.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Currently, I accept all major credit card holders, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, in addition to Cashapp, and PayPal.

How can I start My journey?

To begin your journey, you may visit the “Contact” page from the menu, send an email to info@ewellnessconnections.com or you can call or text (682) 422-7292 to make an appointment.

Is Therapy Confidential?

Yes, and there are limits. No information is disclosed without prior written permission provided in a Release of Information and signed by the client. Those Releases of Information can be revoked at ANY time by the client. However, there are some exceptions required by law to this rule. These exceptions include:
1) Suspected child abuse or dependent adult/elder abuse. The therapist is required to report this to the appropriate authorities, immediately.
2) If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person, the therapist is required to notify the police, immediately.
3) If a client intends to harm themselves, the therapist will make every effort to work with the individual to ensure their safety. However, if an individual does not cooperate, additional measures may need to be taken.
4) If you are using insurance, the client allows their insurance company to access certain confidential information as requested. This is sometimes a condition for insurance companies to pay for sessions.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes! I accept most insurances, including Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Magellan, United Healthcare, Humana, Optum, Oxford, and am constantly looking for opportunities to partner with other insurance providers. If your insurance is not listed here, please reach out as it’s possible I have since been added to their panel. To determine if you have mental/behavioral health coverage, contact your insurance carrier. Check your coverage carefully and find the answers to the following questions:
1) What are my mental/behavioral health benefits?
2) What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
3) How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?
4) How much does my insurance pay for an out-of-network vs. in-network provider?
5) Is approval required from my primary care physician?

I’m Ready To Begin My Journey, But I Don’t Think I Can Afford It. What Are My Options?

Great news! I will work with you on a sliding scale based on your income. A sliding scale provides clients that are seeking therapy the opportunity to pay based upon their income. Sliding scales offer affordable services while still receiving quality care.

Net Annual Household Income Individual Sessions Couple/Family Sessions
$100,000 + $175 $200
$65,001 – $100,000 $155 $180
$42,001 – $65,000 $125 $160
$33,001 – $42,000 $105 $140
$25,001 – $33,000 $85 $120
$15,001 – $25,000 $75 $100
$0 – $15,000 $55 $80

What Are Your Hours?

My current hours are Monday-Friday: 7:00AM CST-4:00PM CST

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Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, or relationships, I will walk this journey with you, while providing tools to help you cope and heal.